As you can see we have a PayPal button on the bottom of every page of this website that will allow you to donate online either by credit or debit card or via PayPal (if you have an account). You do not need a PayPal account to donate!

Another option: sending checks via “snail mail” 
Please contact Jon and Marissa Osterkamp, our forwarding agents, for where to send your checks.
Please make a note on the check if you wish the money to be designated for a particular use (for a list of all current needs, see the drop down box in the donate section at the bottom of this page)


Prayer is also a powerful tool that you can utilize to support us! Here are our current prayer needs:

  • The Shan tribe because when these people become Christians they are either banned or killed, and they need a place of refuge that they can go to. Joel is in the process of building a hostel for them so they have somewhere to go when they become a Christian.
  • The Anung tribe that had to relocate to a new location after the government took away their established village. Some of the structures were able to be re-built, however they lost all of their fruit trees, fields, and the wall around the land and are now having to re-plant and re-build all that was lost.
  • The Padaung tribe that Joel has recently been reaching out to, that God would soften their hearts so that it may be easier to reach them with the Gospel.
  • The Kayan outreach in Texas. Joel’s neice and nephew are reaching out to local Kayan people (Burmese refugees) in Fort Worth, Texas and have started up a couple in-home churches.
  • Joel and Marilyn’s health
    • Joel has been suffering from back pain, dizziness, and black outs.
    • Marilyn struggles with thyroid, hormone, and autoimmune issues.
  • The Emmanuel Bible School is almost completed! We just need the money to complete the 4th and final floor of the new building.