Music Ministry

In 2005, Marilyn began a project to record Christian songs to be used as inspiration and encouragement in the villages and among the tribal people. Much interest has come from this work and a music video was produced which was even more effective and popular. Hopes are high that more Christian music can be produced and distributed. Some of the music has even been broadcast over short wave radio to countries all over southern Asia.
Marilyn finally finished two DVD’s in October 2017, Vol. 1 – Jesus Is My Savior; and Vol. 2 – I Will Follow Jesus) and by the beginning of November had sent the boxes across the border into Burma. They were distributed into the churches all over Burma, the North Country, and India. She still has another seven albums to work on since their return to Thailand in April 2018. (Praise & Worship – 3 albums; Christmas/Easter 1 album; Mixed Album Eight Languages – 1 album; Wedding Songs – 2 albums)

“Music reaches to the corners of the Earth where we can’t go” Marilyn Khopang