Establishing Bible Schools

After working over 5 years with the Lisu Bible Institute in ChiangDao, Joel resigned to start a new project with the Red Lahu tribe in Thailand. He has conducted leadership training classes for three years. These leaders then go out into other villages to teach and preach. Many new believers have been added through their evangelism.

Property has now been purchased to start a Bible teaching school for the Lahu people. At this time, temporary bamboo houses are used for classrooms and living quarters. Work on a concrete structure has begun which will be used as a multi-purpose building. However, due to a financial shortage, it is not yet completed. As soon as funds are available, the building will be completed, and work will begin on a boys dorm, girls dorm, kitchen, bathrooms and showers. Once these are in place, a four year Bible School for the Red Lahu tribe will be started. In the mean time, Joel is writing study books on different Bible topics for use in the Lahu Bible School and in the seminars. English teachers, music teachers, as well as Bible teachers are needed once the four year Bible School has begun.